Lucas J.W. Johnson

Author, game designer, and entrepreneur Lucas J.W. Johnson has experimented with interactive narratives, game system design, and emergent storytelling for his whole life. He understands how players will react to a story, how to present a storyworld in an elegant way, and how to offer real, meaningful choice while still remaining inside the bounds of a particular narrative.

Lucas has a BFA (honours program) in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and has published several works of fiction and interactive media. A leader in the transmedia community, he has spoken at conferences across North America about transmedia design, education, and business practices, and he founded and runs the Transmedia Vancouver Meetup group, one of the first of the major transmedia meetup groups in the world.

Lucas is the Founder and CEO of Silverstring Media Inc., a story design company he created to bring life to his vision of what storytelling can be: a truly connected and inclusive experience, and one that makes an audience’s experience just as important as the author’s words. He envisioned a better way for creators to succeed.

Lucas has worked as co-founder and producer on The Time Tribe, an interactive time travel adventure; as writer and narrative designer on Extrasolar, an IndieCade Finalist game about space exploration, science, and conspiracy; has written several published stories; and has written and produced a few of his own projects. He’s been playing tabletop roleplaying games for 15 years, writing stories all his life, and lives with his boyfriend in Vancouver, BC.