On Friendship

And we’d sit in the car, singing for all that we are

Until the lights of day went out.

From all that we’ve seen, and what loyalty means

I’m left without a doubt

There’s no one else who can replace you, face it

There’s nothing  on Earth to hold us back, us two

When you walk through the fire to hold my hand

I’ll take the leap of faith for you.

Leap of Faith, The Blue Sun

In all my experience, I’ve learned that perhaps the greatest thing in the world is friendship.

There are the friends you hang out with for a few laughs and a game of something. There are the friends you meet through school or work. There are the friends of friends you hang out with. Look at your Facebook profile, and you’ll see all of these friends.

But then there are the friends that you really connect with. The friends who get you. The friends with whom you can hang out, have a drink, and not need to make conversation. The friends whose company you enjoy simply by their presence.

Those kind of friends are rare, and they are gems.

I have had few, but they are people I will cling to despite physical distance, lack of regular communication.

Because this kind of friendship is not the waxing and waning of life as it changes. These are life friends. Kindrid spirits, if you will.

And the power of real, true friends is incredible. They were there to support me through coming out, through emotional turmoil, through hardship and through joy. They’re people you can talk to when you just need someone to talk to. People whose shoulder you can cry on. People who will be as happy as you at your successes.

Spider Robinson wrote, “Shared pain is lessened; shared joy; increased — thus do we refute entropy.” No greater thing has been said.

I have a promise to myself and to all my friends that if they need someone to talk to — at any time, if they need someone to talk to — I will be there. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. And I hope that my friends would do the same for me.

Friendship is powerful. I love my friends, and I could not survive without them, plain and simple. Yes, some friends change, they come and go — but others are too special to let go, no matter what happens in our lives.

But, as is the case with many things, perhaps Calvin and Hobbes put it best.

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