25 Things About Me

Awhile ago, a trend went around Facebook wherein people would 25 things — any 25 things — about themselves. It was a pretty popular trend, and it ended up being really interesting in that it shed some light on a lot of people I never would have known otherwise. It let me appreciate some people a lot more.

And recently, I realized that there’s no really good introduction to myself on this site. To rectify this, I have adapted my original Facebook post to present to you here (though there are a number of changes from the original). (When this was first going around Facebook, a number of people took it upon themselves to change the way they numbered their 25 things — numbers, words, roman numerals, etc. I numbered mine by writing out the Latin words for each number. Which, I suppose, says something else about me.) Hopefully this will serve to shed some light on who I am.

And so, I present to you 25 Things About Me.

  1. First and foremost, I’m a writer. I decided I wanted to be a writer sometime in elementary school (after moving on from my desire to be a teacher). I pursued by decision despite everything — from suggestions to take something a little more useful at university to the ever-present warnings that writing doesn’t pay. I’m a storyteller through and through, and nothing was going to stop me from following that urge above everything else.
  2. I’m gay and out and proud. I told myself at the end of high school that I was out of the closet, but I wasn’t really until about a year later. Also, some friends think I’m really obviously gay, and some think I seem very straight.
  3. I am a total geek. I’ve played video games since back in the time of the NES and SNES, I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons (and other pencil-and-paper RPGs) since I was in grade 3, I was in high school band, I love science fiction and fantasy, and I can recite ten digits of pi. The Geek Test tells me I’m 75.14793% Geek (a dysfunctional geek god), and I know because I’ve taken the Geek Test.
  4. I’ve made a promise to my friends that I will always be there for them. I believe friends are the most important things in life. I cherish mine always.
  5. I believe there is no better way to express something than through music. Along those lines, my life from high school forward can be expressed through the songs of Wicked: I’m Not That Girl; For Good; and As Long As You’re Mine; with scatterings of Popular, Defying Gravity, and Dancing Through Life. It’s not a coincidence that those first three are the three most emotional in the musical.
  6. I’m a hopeless romantic. One of the best nights of my life involved fine rain, an ice cream cone, a bottle of wine, and a beautiful beach. I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world, and that it can do anything. I believe that hope is a close second.
  7. I love mythology — everything from Greek and Norse to Christian and Buddhist. It colours everything I write. For some reason, angels fascinate me especially.
  8. I used to get bullied a fair amount in elementary school. I quickly learned to grow a shell, and it has served me well. But it still doesn’t help me when people criticize my writing.
  9. When I watch TV shows or movies or read books with gay characters, I often wish I’d come out sooner, so I could have had some of those experiences. But lots of people don’t come out for years and years.
  10. I have the best parents in the world. Period. They’ve always accepted me, and done their best to understand me. They support me, they teach me the best life lessons, they cook delicious meals and play great card games with me. They’re honest, they’re kind. When people tell me about their poor relationships with their own parents, I simply cannot comprehend.
  11. I have a lot of friends that I really know very little about, and would like to know more. Maybe it’s a writer thing, wanting to have windows onto other peoples’ lives, but I just really like hearing about people and what they feel.
  12. I plan on getting married one day. I hope to have kids, too.
  13. I start huge projects, all the time, fully intending on finishing them. Every once in a while, I do. But it’s not often.
  14. I get jealous when good friends do things without me, even when getting jealous over it is ridiculous. I like being involved. It’s also impossible for me to do everything I want to do, but that doesn’t stop me from being upset about it.
  15. If there has ever been something I’ve done to hurt you, even once, even something small, then I’m sorry. I hate hurting people, and I hate doing it when I’m angry and can’t control myself.
  16. I pride myself on my diplomacy. I think I can read social situations relatively well, and always try to defuse tension when I can. I think almost all problems between people come from misunderstanding. Sometimes, though, when it’s me personally that’s involved, I become blind to my downfalls. I hate this. I want to be a better person.
  17. I’m a jack of all trades. I adapt quickly to new skills. I’m pretty good at a lot of things — writing, math, guitar, piano, singing, martial arts, social settings, history, language, philosophy, economics, religious studies, video games, and more. But I generally know at least one person who can best me in each of those areas — I will never be the best at something. I enjoy learning new things too much, I would much rather expand my skills than focus on one and become extremely good at it (though I’m sure I could if I wanted to).
  18. I’m a good listener. I love listening to others peoples’ stories, delights, troubles, lives. And I love just learning new things from interesting people. If you need to talk to someone, talk at someone, just talk, I would be honoured to be that person.
  19. I worked at Starbucks for a year and a half, and become a Coffee Master mostly so I could have a sweet black apron. And so I could lord it over my coworkers (whom I loved).
  20. It’s very hard for me to dislike someone. I tend to have many separate groups of friends, some of whom dislike others, and I’m left in the middle trying to please everyone. Luckily, I’m good at just letting things be.
  21. I’m an agnostic. Loosely, for me, this means that I refuse to commit to the belief or non-belief of the great spiritual non-denominational entity or non-entity in the sky. I generally don’t like to commit to anything I don’t know enough about, even more down-to-earth issues. However, I do consider myself somewhat “spiritual” — the kind of spirituality inspired by a beautiful sunset, or a warm rain on the beach, and the serene pleasure I find in life. On that note, I’m a horrible optimist. No matter what crappy things happen in life (and I’ve had my share), I still think life is, overall, a pretty sweet gig.
  22. I play music — guitar, piano — and sing every day. I love doing it, I love performing. I used to be in a band and might be again someday if I find the time. But I usually can’t actually write music worth shit — or even write lyrics. I’d love to learn to play the banjo, the bagpipes, different styles of guitar, the harp, and most of all, the cello. The only thing stopping me is time and money.
  23. In my writing career, I want to: publish both short stories and novels, stage plays, write for radio, create a short film and maybe a feature, work on a TV show, create my own TV show, write articles, publish a graphic novel. Why should I settle for less?
  24. The header of this blog is an artist’s rendition of what Mars might look like if it was terraformed. I am in love with the idea of a terraformed, blue and green Mars. This is the future.
  25. If I accomplish one thing in my life, I want it to be that my writing has helped a young gay boy come to accept who he is.
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  3. Marcus

    Just found your site. Very nifty. Geeks rule! (And D&D geeks are sexy!) What kind of martial arts do you practice?

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