25 Things About Me

Awhile ago, a trend went around Facebook wherein people would 25 things — any 25 things — about themselves. It was a pretty popular trend, and it ended up being really interesting in that it shed some light on a lot of people I never would have known otherwise. It let me appreciate some people a lot more.

And recently, I realized that there’s no really good introduction to myself on this site. To rectify this, I have adapted my original Facebook post to present to you here (though there are a number of changes from the original). (When this was first going around Facebook, a number of people took it upon themselves to change the way they numbered their 25 things — numbers, words, roman numerals, etc. I numbered mine by writing out the Latin words for each number. Which, I suppose, says something else about me.) Hopefully this will serve to shed some light on who I am.

And so, I present to you 25 Things About Me.

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