Today is an auspicious day.

I just got my mail, and discovered an envelope in my own writing. A SASE from Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine! And yes, inside was a rejection letter for a story I’d submitted.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, that first sentence is not meant to be sarcastic. It’s true that I was rejected. It’s also true that one of my stories that I believe to be ready for publication is now free to be sent to a different potential magazine. Perhaps a slightly less prestigious one than F&SF. Perhaps not. Perhaps I’ll send it out next week, along with the other story I’ve recently completed.

Yes, it sucks. But it’s the first physical rejection slip I’ve gotten in awhile (because I haven’t been submitting much recently). It’s the first in what will be many. I think I’m going to get a bulletin board for my room, just to collect rejection slips. Hey, Stephen King did it (except his was a big spike in the wall).

Every rejection slip is just a reminder to keep working, and to keep looking to the future.

Really, I’m just impressed the editor got back to me so quickly.

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  1. I have a box somewhere with the rejections I collected but then I started mostly submitting things via email and getting an email rejection just doesn’t have the same tangibility.
    Best of luck in the future.

    • Lucas J.W. Johnson

      Yeah, email rejections just don’t have the same sense of authority. Maybe I’ll print them out so I can stick them with the others. 😀

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