A Year's Difference

As of yesterday, this blog is one year old.

It amazes me, sometimes, just how much can happen in a year. You think about it in terms of ages, in terms of history, and a year is nothing. You look at it as you’re living through it and it seems to go pretty fast. You look back on it in terms of how much you did, how much changed in just the last year, and it’s crazy.

I wrote a lot of blog posts in the last year — though perhaps not as many as I’d wanted to. Some people, even strangers, read my blog, though definitely not as many as I’d wanted to.

When I started the blog, I’d just finished the first draft of my first novel. Yesterday, I finished the first draft of the second part of my second novel (after a marathon 28 pages in three days).

One of my first posts was about using alcohol to stimulate writing. Since then, I’ve decided it doesn’t work for me — opening a drink is a great psychological push, but tea works just as well, and I cannot concentrate with alcohol in me, especially sitting in front of a computer.

I started out writing a lot about just writing in general, writing fiction and workshopping. I’ve since discovered the world of transmedia, and decided I also want to get into that.

When I started out, I thought I would write a lot about D&D. I’ve hardly written anything about it. I still play it, but it doesn’t seem to rank as high on my list of things-I-really-want-to-talk-about.

I have done a lot of things in the last year — a mind-blowingly large amount — and though I’m something of a different person for it, not much has really changed. I’m still blogging a couple times a week about writing or, well, whatever else I want to say. I still haven’t published much. I’m still in school.

And I’m still endlessly optimistic about my future. Bring on the next year.

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  1. Crystal

    Congrats on one year!
    I’m proud of you for continuing to post regularily, even if it was not as much as you were planning on.
    I admire you for all you’ve achieved over the time that we’ve known each other.
    I hope that the following year brings you much joy and success.

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