F-bombing for fun and nonprofit

There’s a new campaign on the internet in support of gay marriage and fighting Prop 8 in California. And they’re holding nothing back. They’re called fckh8.com, and in the stylings of the NOH8 campaign, you can guess what their message is. But where NOH8 is designed as a silent protest of images, FCKH8 is loud and clear.

In the face of something like this, one might wonder at the necessity of such obscenity. Is it really necessary to pepper a political and fundraising campaign with the f word? Is it really accomplishing anything?

Well, it ultimately comes down to a debate about the necessity of curse words in the first place. And I think they have their place. The f word can have some pretty heavy weight behind it, and I’m not convinced it isn’t warranted. This is a major issue if human rights across the world, and yes, it makes me angry enough to swear about it.

When there have been a disturbing number of teen suicides in the past month due to bullying about sexual orientation, there’s something wrong with the world we live in. And it makes me furious that the common state of mind is one that can’t let people be whoever they want to be.

That’s not going to change if the queer community doesn’t have everything that everyone else has, including the right to marry.

Is the FCKH8 campaign sensationalist? Absolutely. Is having a little kid drop the f-bomb going to raise some eyebrows? Yep.

But if it gets people to watch the video, to learn a thing or two, and spread awareness of the issue — and especially if it can help raise money for the people actually fighting the legal battles — then it’s worth it. Say what you will about the appropriateness of using the f word, but if it can do any good at all, then why not?

And sometimes, it is warranted. Because I am fucking tired of people fucking with our rights — and our lives.


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