For what to be thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada, the obligatory holiday after Thanksgiving weekend. And today is also National Coming Out Day around the world.

For me, of course, the ideas inherent in these two occasions mesh quite nicely. If I have anything to be thankful for, it’s that I get to live in a city which, and surrounded by people who, allow me to be exactly who I am, without fear.

I’ve written about it here a lot, so I’ll try not to be redundant. But it’s important that all LGBT people try to be as open as they can be. The more visible we are, the more the rest of the world can see that we’re here, we’re everywhere, we’re people you know, we’re people in your family, your friends, at work. And when people see that, maybe they’ll see that we’re not so different, we’re not some kind of threat.

Maybe those that are deeply closeted will see that it’s ok for them to be gay. ┬áMaybe those that feel that life being gay is too much to deal with will see that there is a light in the tunnel, as tough as it is.

There’s a grassroots campaign for this week called Count Me Out. Because there’s still too much bullying, violence, depression and suicide due to being gay.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to be out.

And my thoughts are with the families of those we have lost in the last month due to suicide. My thoughts are with those struggling with their lives still.

Love whoever you love. Be free to be whoever you are. And always,


Keep smiling.

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  1. Thank you Lucas, Good words of encouragement! Often we never know the effect our words have on someone… Words are very powerful! Keep writing!

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