In Solidarity

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

I tell you this, up front, because you might not have known. Which is kind of the point of this article.

I’ll be honest — I didn’t know it was today until a couple of days ago. Unlike the Spirit Day purple campaign, or National Coming Out Day, or Vancouver’s recently-appointed Day Against Hate Crime together with London, England, I’ve heard very little about TDOR. It only appeared in my twitter feed yesterday.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day to recognize the dozens of transgendered people who are murdered every year due to transphobia.

Murdered because of who they are.

In the face of all the recent media attention to gay teenagers, it’s easy to forget our trans brothers and sisters who often times fare far worse than us. And that’s just the problem — to too many people, it’s easy to forget.

They’re there at the end of the acronym — tacked on at the end, or lost in the middle when the Q is added. But they don’t get the same attention.

I’m as guilty as any other. The problem is, I’m not transgender, so it doesn’t hit me as hard. Just as I’m more emotionally affected by a homophobic crime than I am a mysogynist one, or a racist one.

But that’s not an excuse. It’s a problem.

I have a very good friend who is a transwoman, and she’s helped me open my eyes.

But I’m not equipped to address this issue more than what little I’ve said here. I’ll let her do that.

The T Word, by Emma Houxbois

Also an article in the Advocate, and one from GLAAD. Educate yourself. I’m not asking.

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