Christmas thoughts, 2010

To those who celebrate Christmas in any form, Merry Christmas to you. To those who don’t, Happy Winter Holidays. I’ve always enjoyed this time of year, filled with family and joy and music and way too much food. But there’s always that little bit of melancholy, with the end of a year, regrets about what you didn’t get accomplished, people you miss that you no longer talk to, opportunities you may never have again. There is always — always — hope for the future, so remember that. But a bit of melancholy, of introspection, of looking at the past and keeping it in mind as you move forward — that can be healthy, too.

This song, by the Pretenders originally, is about change, melancholy, and missing the one closest to you.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Jenn:

    looking and sounding great, Lucas!

    Merry Christmas to you and your fam! :)

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