“Toiling through the ages”

The holidays are a stressful time.

Which is strange, juxtaposed to the vision of them being all peaceful and loving and full of warmth. But it’s true.

There’s the shopping for all your friends and family, the wrapping of all the presents, the preparing for guests and parties. If you’re a student, then you’re in Final Exam Season just before Christmas, and that’s a huge stressor (unless like me you were in a creative writing program with no final papers and no exams; my friends didn’t like me much around this time of year, in my final term of school).

And as Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance points out in his (very strange) holiday video, you may be stressed because you have no family to be with during the holidays, OR you may be stressed because you DO, and family can be VERY STRESSFUL.

Or like me, you may have a loving family you’ll be seeing that you adore, but there’s the stress and sadness that comes of not having someone to share it with.

Plus if that weren’t enough, I’m stressed because tomorrow evening I get on a plane to go to Boston and New York City for a week and a half mostly for work, before then going to Detroit to see my parents for Christmas, and I won’t be back until the 29th, and I haven’t packed yet and I still have a million things to do before I leave and I’m running out of time.

Which is to say, I’m going to wrap up this post shortly.

But first, this:

The holidays can be very stressful. But they can also be full of warmth and love and all those things we know they can be. So be stressed, but make sure you also stop and take a deep breath and take in all the love that surrounds you this holiday season.

Enjoy the time you have with your family, no matter how much they drive you crazy. Crazy is what family is all about. It’s a shared crazy.

Then find some friends and laugh about each other’s crazy family.

And if the stress really has you down, just think: it’s even worse for Santa’s elves.

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  1. Angela

    Best BNL christmas song! :) now back to studying for finals…

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