“If we make it through December”

So I’ve missed a couple days now. It’s tough to keep regular schedules like this when I’m not in my regular routine — I’m in, as previously mentioned, NYC at the moment with friends, then onto where my parents live for Christmas. And I’d planned on getting a few of these posts done ahead of time as a backlog but, well, that didn’t happen.

So we’ll see if I make it through December.

But I still plan to, and plan to catch up in the few days before Christmas. My list will be complete!

This song is so heartbreaking and gorgeous. But it’s interesting to me because it the story is not the one that I identify with (as with, for instance, Wintersong and First Snow on Brooklyn). And yet it’s a story that still pulls me in and tugs on my heart, and I can take the feeling of it — will I make it through December? why can’t I be happy at this happy time of year? — and apply it to my own life.

That’s what I love about a lot of music. Even if what the lyrics are talking about isn’t immediately applicable to me, I can interpret it in different ways and have a strong emotional connection to it. It’s what I love about a lot of lyrics writing — the ability to interpret it in multiple ways.

In fact, I would extend that to all art. The creator likely had a particular message they were intending, and the audience will likely get that to some degree — but when they apply their own life to the experience of viewing the art (music, visual art, fiction, film, whatever) it has a slightly different result, a slightly different message. We each connect to art in different ways, and that’s one thing that makes it powerful.


This is part of a series of posts I’m writing every day of December until Christmas, musing on my 25 favourite Christmas songs. The first one is here.

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