“Not forgotten”

pachelbel Pachelbel’s Canon in D has long been my favourite piece of classical music. And it’s a pretty well known piece and a lot of people’s favourite (I remember hearing it was the number one favourite classic song in some radio station’s poll one time), so it’s kind of cliché. But man I love it.

I have something like 40 versions of Canon on my computer. Talk about different and interesting covers — everything from brass quintet to blues piano to jazz flute to electric guitar rock.

And a Christmas version. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra wrote a lovely version of Canon with lyrics and a children’s choir, turning this piece that I’ve always loved into a heart-warming little piece of Christmas music. So of course it makes my list.

I love that the choir part is as much a canon as the original. And I think children’s choirs are beautiful.

Simple, but elegant.

And for some Canon-related humour, check out this lovely little video, and see just how influential Pachelbel has been…

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