“If I could only have you near”

close but far

Distance is such a strange thing in today’s technological environment. The world has become so much smaller; we live in a time when where we live has very little bearing on our communication and socialization — I communicate as much with friends who live across the country or across the border as I do some friends in the same city as me.

Plus, distance has become little barrier to things like work — I work with people in Boston and San Francisco, and yet we can have brainstorming sessions via Skype or Google+ Hangout, conference calls with the teams, and endless email exchanges and IM conversations.

One of my jobs I got purely via twitter and blogging. Almost all of my industry contacts were first met that way.

And yet…

Nothing’s quite the same as seeing someone in person. Nothing’s quite the same as being in the same room to bash your heads together or motivate yourself for work.

A twitter conevrsation isn’t the same as having a drink together.

And there’s nothing quite the same as hearing someone laugh. As sitting together in comfortable silence, as that mere mutual presence. As shaking hands, and sharing a meal. As a hug.

Technology has made it possible for us to all be so much closer to each other — and yet seems that much farther away.


This is part of a series of posts I’m writing every day of December until Christmas, musing on my 25 favourite Christmas songs. The first one is here.

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