“Mind if I move in closer?”

Baby It’s Cold Outside is usually at best a poppy, kind of annoying love song, and at worst a song about date rape. (Say, what’s in this drink?)

But. Holly Cole and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies manage to do something else with it. Holly Cole, whose voice I previously described as pure sex, turns her protestations into sultry teases; it becomes transformed into an epic flirtation. Combined with the gorgeous orchestrations that accompany it, Holly Cole’s take on Baby It’s Cold Outside is one of the sexiest songs I know.

I can’t stand any other version of the song. Even the Glee version, which was adorably between two guys, doesn’t measure up musically. But Holly Cole’s is my absolute favourite Christmastime song.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May your day be full of love.


This is part of a series of posts I’m writing every day of December until Christmas, musing on my 25 favourite Christmas songs. The first one is here.

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