The Concordia Project

About a week ago, I started brainstorming ideas for a new project — a science fiction story. It started with a desire to jumpstart my creativity again, and turned into two hours of being unable to sleep because the ideas kept coming.

Because what I need is another project to work on.

It started with a very basic setting idea, and then my three main characters started forming, bringing some plot along with them, and helping solidify how the setting was forming. So it all started growing up together in my mind, which is not often how I work — my tendency is for plot and setting to come before characters, which isn’t usually ideal.

It’s certainly drawing a lot of influence from my favourite science fiction — a bit of Mass Effect, which I’ve only recently been playing, a bit of Neuromancer — along with some ideas taken from an old Eberron D&D game I never finished. Plus a bunch of other things cobbled together, of course.

So I have a lot of ideas forming. But a lot remains very vague still, a lot that isn’t concrete. And while I love sci-fi, it’s not really my forte.

So  I thought I’d do a bit of an experiment, and blog the development of the project as I make it — my thoughts and brainstorms on setting especially, but also some plot and character elements as they relate to each other.

Open up my thought process to friends, to show them the behind-the-curtain journey, and to open the doors to ideas, comments, discussion, collaboration. See if I can’t make something even cooler with the input of others.

So this is it. Welcome to Project Concordia.

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  1. thebruce:

    Looking forward to what you have in store! :)

  2. Alana:


  3. Paul Burke:

    Count me in, keep me in the loop etc etc

  4. Beilmanimal:

    If you only knew the power… of the sci-fi.

    Let me know when you want some eyes.

  5. Lucas J.W. Johnson:

    Quoting Star Wars when talking about sci-fi is ironic because Star Wars is fantasy. 😉
    And I always want eyes. They’re useful in several dark rituals.

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