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I’ve been off the radar a bit recently, but I assure you (because I know you’re concerned) I’ve been busy! And October’s going to be a crazy month for me — I’ll be attending the StoryWorld Conference in LA, as well as attending (and speaking at!) the Merging Media Conference here in Vancouver. (You should come!) Plus of course there’s Thanksgiving (I think I’m having three Thanksgiving dinners this year…), the upcoming launch of The Time Tribe (stay tuned!) and more.

But right now I have exciting news. A story I wrote called “Remaker, Remaker,” a somewhat creepifying steampunk Roman Empire story about madness, will be PUBLISHED in Fireside Magazine this winter!

Fireside Magazine is this awesome new genre fiction magazine run by Brian White, which has featured stories from the likes of Chuck Wendig and Stephen Blackmoore. Issue 3 is the first issue that has accepted unsolicited submissions, and my story was the one chosen to be in it!

We all know literary magazines are very hard to fund, and Fireside is committed to paying its authors very good rates for their work, so Fireside turned to Kickstarter to make it all work — and so far, it’s worked very well! But that means that Issue 3 needs YOUR help to see it published — and thus to see Remaker, Remaker in it!

So please check out the Kickstarter here, and help support it. Your pledge will get you a copy of the magazine, is the ONLY way to get a PHYSICAL copy of the magazine, and you can even get a copy signed by me (or the other authors) or have YOUR NAME as the name of the character in Remaker, Remaker. So pledge now! And I hope you enjoy it.

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