The Time Tribe Launches Today


The Time Tribe is an Epic Journey Through Time and Space, For Kids and the Young At Heart

Duxbury, MA — February 19, 2013 — Thundersnow Media Inc. announced that its first free-to-play, episodic, time travel adventure game The Time Tribe is available now online, playable on PC or Mac. A tablet version will be announced soon.

The Time Tribe follows the story of four children who learn they are members of a secretive group of time-travellers called the Time Tribe. It is an episodic point-and-click adventure game that leads players on a quest through a virtual world filled with quirky characters, places to explore, collectible artifacts, a gallery to customize, mysteries to solve, puzzles to crack, and mini games to play. E-comics and mini fiction build on the overarching quest narrative that keeps players engaged with the story, its settings, and characters as new episodes are released.

The Time Tribe offers a unique take on the past that is completely factual, and yet retains that playful spark of magic kids love,” said ThunderSnow founder, historian and archaeologist Dr Karen Wehner. “With everything in the game based on real history and archaeology, there’s no broken history to fix, just dynamic, interactive storytelling that invites kids to experience for themselves how excitingother cultures and real history can be.”

The free-to-play structure allows anyone to enjoy the game from start to finish, but in-game microtransactions and monthly subscriptions expand gameplay. A premium subscription option includes monthly print mailings and collectibles that enhance the digital experience with exclusive gameplay hints, bonus story content, and real world activities.

Developed by ThunderSnow Media, Inc., together with Silverstring Media and Dubit Ltd, The Time Tribe is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.


ThunderSnow Media is an independent game development and media production company dedicated to creating inspired, family-friendly entertainment. We leverage the power of diverse media platforms to craft unique, enriching, and fun products both kids and parents can love.

Karen Bellinger Wehner, founder of ThunderSnow and the creator, producer and creative director of The Time Tribe, is an archaeologist and historian with a PhD in Anthropology and 15 years of experience as an educator and researcher. She’s also the proud parent of three tween-age gamers and world explorers.

Silverstring Media is a Vancouver-based digital media storytelling company. We create awesome original stories, and tell them by developing innovative technologies that allow our audience to experience our worlds across and beyond the traditional boundaries of media.

Lucas J.W. Johnson, the founder of Silverstring Media, has been a partner of The Time Tribe since 2011, co-producing, co-writing, and co-designing the project with Karen and her team, while bringing the expertise of his company to the partnership.

Based in the United Kingdom, Dubit has more than 10 years of experience producing quality digital entertainment for kid-focused IPs, using its proprietary platform and scripting language.


I’ve been working with Karen on The Time Tribe for 2 years now, and we’re so excited to finally get this out there. Of course, there’s still lots to do as we dive into development of the next episode, but meanwhile, if you know any story-loving 8-13 year olds — or, in fact, are yourselves history lovers and gamers — go to and check it out!

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