The culmination of a project


When I first got out of school and was starting to develop Silverstring Media, I started a writing project called Azrael’s Stop. It started off as this big experimental thing on Twitter, using a bunch of different types of media, and it had a lot of problems. Over the five years since I started it, it’s had things that just didn’t work, gone through several incarnations, been on hiatus, all the things you might expect from a struggling project.

But I kept coming back to it. I never wanted to give up on it entirely, because despite all its issues, there was a core to it that I really liked. I’ve always been proud of the story and the writing, and those who have read it have often seemed to really connect to it. I wanted to see it through.

While it’s gone through many iterations, one idea I had really stuck in my mind for a while, and that was to open up the story to other writers, to invite others into my world. To let other people tell their own stories in Azrael’s Stop.

See, a big part of the theme of Azrael’s Stop is the telling of stories. Azrael’s Stop is about dealing with death, and this is usually done by people sharing stories with each other, whether telling their own story to make peace with their life before passing on, or sharing stories of friends who have passed.

I have always believed that storytelling is one of the greatest things we have, as humans. Stories have great power to create empathy, to elicit emotion, to show us what it’s like to be in other people’s circumstances, to help us through trauma or to greater understandings of ourselves. Media and culture hold tremendous power to shape thought and conversation. Art makes us think, challenges us, helps us.

Azrael’s Stop is about death, but mostly it’s about this, it’s about stories. Nael says, “No myth is just a myth. No song is just a song. No story just a story. Telling it gives it meaning. Hearing it gives it meaning. Gives it power. There is truth in even the most blatant fiction. You find the meaning you need.”

I’m incredibly proud of the story I tell in Azrael’s Stop, but I wanted other people to tell their stories too.

On September 24th, Silverstring Media is publishing the sequel to Azrael’s Stop, an anthology of ten new stories from ten different authors called Tales of the Stop. I am extremely proud of every single one.

We’ve also released a second edition of Azrael’s Stop this month. Azrael’s Stop, Tales of the Stop, and the Azrael’s Stop Official Soundtrack are all available for purchase or preorder as digital downloads from as well as the following places:

Azrael’s Stop: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

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