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Christmas Letter 2013

Dear friends and family, Well, it’s been another crazy year. As you all know, it started in January. You’d think we’d be used to that by now. It does seem to happen every year. Regardless, we rallied pretty quickly, just … Continue reading

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When Escapism Is Not Okay

We need to make better games. I was at PAX Dev last week, the almost-new game developers conference that runs just before the Penny Arcade Expo. We were told not to tweet or blog about the content of the conference … Continue reading

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“If I could only have you near”

Distance is such a strange thing in today’s technological environment. The world has become so much smaller; we live in a time when where we live has very little bearing on our communication and socialization — I communicate as much … Continue reading

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“Seasons always change”

Life is full of strange ups and downs. Those moments when something happens and you think “maybe.” Maybe this time. Maybe now. And for a time — a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks — … Continue reading

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“He’s gone 2000 miles”

As I seem to do most years these days, around this time, I have just flown over 2000 miles. This is what happens when your parents don’t live in the same city as you. There’s a bittersweetness to this. Obviously, … Continue reading

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“This is how I see you”

It’s interesting to consider the things we do and don’t share on the internet. A while ago, I was seeing a lot of blog posts from the writing/publishing community about building your “brand” online, your “author platform” (I wrote a … Continue reading

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“Toiling through the ages”

The holidays are a stressful time. Which is strange, juxtaposed to the vision of them being all peaceful and loving and full of warmth. But it’s true. There’s the shopping for all your friends and family, the wrapping of all … Continue reading

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“Nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah”

Today is St. Nicholas Day, a day my family has always recognized as a sort of precursor to Christmas, because my mom’s dad — who I called Opa — was born in the Netherlands. And yesterday was the 17th anniversary … Continue reading

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“We Need a Little Music”

As I was writing yesterday about the memories jogged by the music of Sleigh Ride, I realized that I think the reason that memory is jogged for me is not because of the obvious correlation between the song and riding … Continue reading

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“The Things We’ll Remember”

Memory is a funny thing. They say the sense of smell is the most evocative memory retriever, but I find music has a great power to bring back certain memories as well. Whether they’re songs I listened to during the … Continue reading

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