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A Year's Difference

As of yesterday, this blog is one year old. It amazes me, sometimes, just how much can happen in a year. You think about it in terms of ages, in terms of history, and a year is nothing. You look … Continue reading

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Changes in the Air

Change is pretty constant, but we don’t tend to notice it until the big things happen. This summer, I was just going along minding my own business, working towards a basic life plan, when bam, I was hit by a … Continue reading

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To Read: the Internet

You may have noticed, if you regularly use a computer, that sometimes the computer gets bogged down by the number of things it’s trying to do at one time. When too many different programs are trying to get the computer’s … Continue reading

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The Voices in My Head

Apparently, some people think in words, while others think in images or general senses. Apparently even when we put thoughts into words, like in preparation for speaking them, our brains don’t recognize them as words in the same way as … Continue reading

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