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Through his company Silverstring Media, Lucas does client work as a writergame designer, and consultant. He writes fiction, comics, story bibles, game scripts, tabletop RPG content, design documents, and more. He develops stories and storyworlds, and designs transmedia productions to tell them. He helps projects go from concept to execution, or helps give them life in story. And he’d love to work with you.

Whether you need someone to write content for your project or someone to help develop your project from the start, someone to create a piece of your world or your entire world, Lucas can do it and more. With a sharp understanding of the narrative design landscape and a head for great stories, Lucas can help with any creative aspect of a project.

If you’re a publisher, agency, or game developer, or just a creator who wants to take your story further, Lucas is available for hire.


“Lucas is creative, sharp, reliable, and thorough – a professional through and through. He is a delight to work with and I recommend him without reservation.” —Dr Karen Wehner

“Lucas is a just lovely combination of ambitious and eager to improve his craft…We are all the better for having him among us.” —Andrea Phillips

“Lucas has a keen awareness for story, a strong sense of the ever evolving ‘Transmedia’ world, and an invigorating pool of creativity that makes for a valuable asset for any project related to Convergent Media.” —Jason Krowe