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Project Concordia: Personal Tech

The next logical iteration of the computer-in-your-pocket (which we still call a “phone”) is a computer implanted into you. This I think will be the basis of personal technology for Concordia: a chip planted into the skull, that acts as … Continue reading

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But for hope

I woke this morning to this heartbreaking news. A 15-year-old boy in Ottawa killed himself, because of the struggles of being gay in high school. If you don’t want to cry this morning, don’t read the story, just add Jamie … Continue reading

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If Everyone Was Listening

For we dreamed a lot, and we schemed a lot And we tried to sing of love before the stage fell apart If everyone was listening, you know There’d be a chance that we could save the show –Supertramp, If … Continue reading

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Motivation, or the lack thereof

Wow, Lucas, neglect your blog much? So I’ve been meaning to post a new blog for awhile. Well, since my last one, really. I try to do 2-3 posts a week. But sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes I’m too … Continue reading

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To Read: the Internet

You may have noticed, if you regularly use a computer, that sometimes the computer gets bogged down by the number of things it’s trying to do at one time. When too many different programs are trying to get the computer’s … Continue reading

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Experience Influences

Last week, I was at a party with some older friends of mine and a bunch of people I didn’t know. Some alcohol got involved, so they weren’t “people I didn’t know” for long. In fact, as is wont to … Continue reading

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The Voices in My Head

Apparently, some people think in words, while others think in images or general senses. Apparently even when we put thoughts into words, like in preparation for speaking them, our brains don’t recognize them as words in the same way as … Continue reading

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Too Much to Say

Sometimes, my mind just won’t shut up. It’s 1am as I scratch this out on a pad of paper, sitting in my bed. I’ve been trying to get to sleep for half an hour. Previously, I read, tried to write … Continue reading

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Narrative Positioning

I was going to do part 2 of world building today, but I got sidetracked — and I want to do more than a half-assed job of it. Rather than go a Friday without an update, though, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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The Power of Story

An Exhaustive Essay Exploring a Theory of Myth as Story, and How Stories Affect Us Novelist Graham Swift wrote that, “only animals live in the Here and Now. Only nature knows neither memory nor history. But man — let me … Continue reading

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