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“Seasons always change”

Life is full of strange ups and downs. Those moments when something happens and you think “maybe.” Maybe this time. Maybe now. And for a time — a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks — … Continue reading

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“If we make it through December”

So I’ve missed a couple days now. It’s tough to keep regular schedules like this when I’m not in my regular routine — I’m in, as previously mentioned, NYC at the moment with friends, then onto where my parents live … Continue reading

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“Gaily they ring”

Carol of the Bells is in my mind three very different songs (all of which are awesome). The bell version is one — the whole thing played on a bunch of well-coordinated handbells. That’s not only a feat in composition … Continue reading

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“Better half-remembered”

Yesterday, I drove into New York City, and spent the day with friends and contacts, meetings and parties (which is why I didn’t post; yes, I will make up for it). So now I’m in NYC, so this song is … Continue reading

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“He’s gone 2000 miles”

As I seem to do most years these days, around this time, I have just flown over 2000 miles. This is what happens when your parents don’t live in the same city as you. There’s a bittersweetness to this. Obviously, … Continue reading

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“This is how I see you”

It’s interesting to consider the things we do and don’t share on the internet. A while ago, I was seeing a lot of blog posts from the writing/publishing community about building your “brand” online, your “author platform” (I wrote a … Continue reading

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“Toiling through the ages”

The holidays are a stressful time. Which is strange, juxtaposed to the vision of them being all peaceful and loving and full of warmth. But it’s true. There’s the shopping for all your friends and family, the wrapping of all … Continue reading

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“Many Times, Many Ways”

Today, the webcomic XKCD posted this wonderfully appropriate diagram demonstrating that the top-rated Christmas songs are all from the childhoods of baby boomers. I think it really sums up a lot of what I’ve been talking about music-wise over the … Continue reading

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“Always time for another Christmas song”

Yesterday I wrote about what makes a good musical cover, and that it’s so important to do so when you’re talking about Christmas carols that everyone and their pubescent boy seem to cover. Today, I look instead at original Christmas … Continue reading

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“Comfort and Joy”

A good song cover goes far beyond simply being a different person performing the song. If it uses the same instrumentation, the same arrangements, the same everything — it’s missing the point. A good cover should be a reinterpretation, it … Continue reading

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