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I had forgotten, in the last few years, just how ambitious I am. In high school — and even before — I was insanely ambitious. For a grade 8 drama project, friends and I decided to do a complete remake … Continue reading

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To Read: the Internet

You may have noticed, if you regularly use a computer, that sometimes the computer gets bogged down by the number of things it’s trying to do at one time. When too many different programs are trying to get the computer’s … Continue reading

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The return of the serialized novel

When Charles Dickens wrote many of his novels, they were written as serials — each week or month, a chapter of his novel would appear in a magazine, such that to read the whole thing, one would have to buy … Continue reading

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Annotations for eBooks

In the continuing discussion of e-books and their various potentials and markets and things (hey, Kindle’s coming out with a new version that supports social networking sites and things), a lot of the ongoing conversation is about what could be … Continue reading

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eBook Formatting Standards: What do we want from books?

In amongst all the recent conversations in the publishing industry about joining the rest of the world in the digital age — eBooks, self-publishing issues, transmedia writing — there’s another, more technical debate. This has to do with the format … Continue reading

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Bonus Features: the potential of transmedia writing

The publishing world is increasingly looking at the possibilities of digital media. Besides the ongoing discussion about ebooks, people are starting to look at the digital world in terms of its storytelling potential and marketing potential. It’s something that’s been … Continue reading

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Future of Publishing

A recent article in the New Yorker offers the most comprehensive look at the publishing industry and e-books that I have yet seen, piecing together all the bits of news and speculation and doomsaying that I’ve been trying to wrap … Continue reading

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