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[temporarily removed, July 2010]

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Biggles Saves the Yule Log

It was a cold winter’s evening, and Biggles the Chicken was on the road. Wind whipped abound him, tossing his scarf around, and almost blowing off his well-worn tophat. With the coming snows, he had decided to set off for … Continue reading

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A Christmas Letter

Dear friends and family, What a spectacular year it has been for all of us in the Cooper family. Since our move last year, everything’s just been looking up. I hardly know where to begin! I guess it all started … Continue reading

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Excerpt from "The Nexus" 2 – Floerian

Floerian Silverstring is a character I created about ten years ago, and his evolution since then has been such that I decided he deserved a place in my novel. The protagonist, Derek, meets him early on in Vancouver, and in … Continue reading

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Excerpt from "The Nexus"

The following is taken from the Part 3 of the first draft of my novel, “The Nexus.” Syn is a 16-year-old engineer. Nathaniel is an angel. ~ ~ ~ They walked along the edge of the root for another hour, … Continue reading

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