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Young Adult Fiction: An overview

For my children’s writing class this year, we researched the various subgroups of children’s lit, from board book and picture books to early readers, juvenile novels, and young adult fiction. Given my preferences and work, I wrote up a summary … Continue reading

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The books that inspired us

I’m taking a course this year on writing for children, where we cover everything from picture books to young adult, and on the first day of class we discussed those books that inspired us or made an impression when we … Continue reading

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Writing for a Market

I’m sure most writers, at one point or another, have to debate with themselves about this: should I try to write stories for which there is a good market, so I can get published? Or should I just write whatever … Continue reading

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Fantasy Names and Self-Indulgence

Around the same time that I first created Floerian Silverstring (so about eleven years ago), I created another typically fantasy character: an elven enchanter named Uuloui. Like Floerian, Uuloui was a character I played on EverQuest, and used in a … Continue reading

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World Building Pt. 4 – Religion

At this point in the creation of your world, there’s a lot of different directions you can go. In fact, the whole project is a pretty open one — perhaps the map isn’t nearly as important for you as the … Continue reading

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Meaning in Magic

The UK’s Guardian ran an article recently on contemporary fantasy fiction. “Just because fantasy is everywhere doesn’t mean it has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. We must keep sight of its roots in ancient storytelling and its power … Continue reading

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Genre Audience

The genre with which a piece is labeled — literary fiction, fantasy/science fiction, speculative fiction, romance, mystery — does a lot more than try to describe what kind of structure of setting the piece uses. I’ve written before about my … Continue reading

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Arrr! So, pirates, eh? Aye, me hearties, I be writin’ me new novel with a pirate theme. Aye, I be serious. I’ve always ‘ad a fascination with pirates. Back in me Lego days (ah, how I miss me Lego days) … Continue reading

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Pullman's Narrow View

As part of my ongoing interest in genre and writing and literary merit, I came across a discussion of Philip Pullman‘s views on fantasy. (Actually, I came across them as part of research on myth and story that I’m doing … Continue reading

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"Literature" (cont'd)

I made a post last week about the status of “literature” and the connotations that word brings. I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations with friends about the issue since then, and I thought I’d make a couple additions to … Continue reading

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