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So close, and yet

This week, Canada’s House of Commons passed a bill that would add gender identity to the list of things protected in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The same bill has been introduced two previous times, and voted down each time, … Continue reading

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Ghettoizing fiction

or: On Judging Bookstores Last week, I wrote a post at Silverstring Media about the risk of ghettoizing stories for certain demographics, the risk of (for example) labling a story within a transmedia property as the gay story, and thus … Continue reading

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In Solidarity

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I tell you this, up front, because you might not have known. Which is kind of the point of this article. I’ll be honest — I didn’t know it was today until a … Continue reading

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For what to be thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada, the obligatory holiday after Thanksgiving weekend. And today is also National Coming Out Day around the world. For me, of course, the ideas inherent in these two occasions mesh quite nicely. If I … Continue reading

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The Stories that Make Pride, #2

Each year at the Pride Parade in Vancouver, near the front of the parade they put a few important people, people they want to honour — local heroes, figures of the movement, that kind of thing. They ride in cars, … Continue reading

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The Stories that Make Pride

This weekend was Pride weekend in Vancouver, culminating in the parade on Sunday. I’ve gone every year I’ve been here, the last four parades, and it’s always a ton of fun. In a place like Vancouver, where being queer doesn’t … Continue reading

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The line between Significance and Normalcy

The other day I was listening to a brief interview with Blake Skjellerup about an article he wrote advocating for gay athletes. During the talk, the interviewer made a comment that I hear a lot from people — she said, … Continue reading

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An open letter to Blake Skjellerup

The professional sports world has been called the last closet. There are no current professional athletes in the NHL, NBA, or NFL that are out of the closet. Some other professional athletes, like Canadian Olympian Mark Tewksbury, have come out, … Continue reading

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Queer Education

Last week, a high school student I know sent me a message with some questions he had about, well, being gay. The questions were good ones, and I gave a lengthy response that I thought I would duplicate here… we … Continue reading

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Homosexuality defined by Myth: a brief essay

The homosexuality of the ancient Greeks is a topic not often explored, due in large part to a cultural bias in the West that has only begun to dissolve in the last couple of decades. However, homosexuality was an important … Continue reading

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