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Yes, really, I’m going to talk about vampires. A friend of mine pointed me towards an interesting article theorizing on the reason behind the latest vampire craze. Go read it. I’ll wait. Done? Good. Fascinating, no? I have to say, … Continue reading

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There are many different styles of writing. There’s different kinds of diction–it could have very poetic, lyrical language, full of imagery and grace, or it could be very literal, concrete language, setting out a story. Of course there’s different genres–your … Continue reading

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"Literature" (cont'd)

I made a post last week about the status of “literature” and the connotations that word brings. I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations with friends about the issue since then, and I thought I’d make a couple additions to … Continue reading

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Last week, Canadian author and UBC Creative Writing professor Steven Galloway wrote a letter to the National Post in response to an editorial disparaging a work of Canadian fiction. Galloway suggests that the article in question puts down the work … Continue reading

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