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When Escapism Is Not Okay

We need to make better games. I was at PAX Dev last week, the almost-new game developers conference that runs just before the Penny Arcade Expo. We were told not to tweet or blog about the content of the conference … Continue reading

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Matthew Vines on the Bible and Homosexuality

When confronted with religious condemnation of homosexuality, it would be easy for me to simply say, “Well, I don’t follow your religion,” and leave it at that. Sadly, it’s much more complex than that — even then, I often have … Continue reading

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“Mind if I move in closer?”

Baby It’s Cold Outside is usually at best a poppy, kind of annoying love song, and at worst a song about date rape. (Say, what’s in this drink?) But. Holly Cole and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies manage to … Continue reading

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“If I could only have you near”

Distance is such a strange thing in today’s technological environment. The world has become so much smaller; we live in a time when where we live has very little bearing on our communication and socialization — I communicate as much … Continue reading

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“Seasons always change”

Life is full of strange ups and downs. Those moments when something happens and you think “maybe.” Maybe this time. Maybe now. And for a time — a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few weeks — … Continue reading

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“Better half-remembered”

Yesterday, I drove into New York City, and spent the day with friends and contacts, meetings and parties (which is why I didn’t post; yes, I will make up for it). So now I’m in NYC, so this song is … Continue reading

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“But I Quite Like the Songs”

Well. It’s December. And you know what that means. It means I’ve already been listening to Christmas music for a couple of weeks. To be fair, I have a rule: I can start listening to Christmas music when we have … Continue reading

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But for hope

I woke this morning to this heartbreaking news. A 15-year-old boy in Ottawa killed himself, because of the struggles of being gay in high school. If you don’t want to cry this morning, don’t read the story, just add Jamie … Continue reading

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YA Saves, could have saved, and will save

On Monday I discussed the #YASaves phenomenon of last week, mostly showcasing the many things other people have said about Young Adult fiction and how it can help people — both those who struggle with darkness and those who know … Continue reading

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Christmas thoughts, 2010

To those who celebrate Christmas in any form, Merry Christmas to you. To those who don’t, Happy Winter Holidays. I’ve always enjoyed this time of year, filled with family and joy and music and way too much food. But there’s … Continue reading

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