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Changes in the Air

Change is pretty constant, but we don’t tend to notice it until the big things happen. This summer, I was just going along minding my own business, working towards a basic life plan, when bam, I was hit by a … Continue reading

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Breaking through the wall

There are some things we do, as humans, that seem on the outset to be impossible. This weekend, I climbed the Grouse Grind. Actually, I can be a bit arrogant about some things, so it didn’t seem impossible at the … Continue reading

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Stages of Grief in song

There’s a quotation that basically says there are only two kinds of songs: love songs and pirate songs. (I tried to find the original source of this, but the internet doesn’t seem to agree on one.) And it’s certainly true … Continue reading

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25 Things About Me

Awhile ago, a trend went around Facebook wherein people would 25 things — any 25 things — about themselves. It was a pretty popular trend, and it ended up being really interesting in that it shed some light on a … Continue reading

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On Friendship

And we’d sit in the car, singing for all that we are Until the lights of day went out. From all that we’ve seen, and what loyalty means I’m left without a doubt There’s no one else who can replace … Continue reading

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There aren’t a lot of things in this life that I don’t like, when I look at the big picture. I mean, sure I might not like the Westboro Baptist Church, homophobes in general, the fact that I need to … Continue reading

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Making the best of it, Playing the hand you get; You’re not alone in this. There’s hope for the hopeless. —Hope for the Hopeless, A Fine Frenzy I was at the bar with a friend of mine the other day. … Continue reading

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