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“If we make it through December”

So I’ve missed a couple days now. It’s tough to keep regular schedules like this when I’m not in my regular routine — I’m in, as previously mentioned, NYC at the moment with friends, then onto where my parents live … Continue reading

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“Gaily they ring”

Carol of the Bells is in my mind three very different songs (all of which are awesome). The bell version is one — the whole thing played on a bunch of well-coordinated handbells. That’s not only a feat in composition … Continue reading

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“Better half-remembered”

Yesterday, I drove into New York City, and spent the day with friends and contacts, meetings and parties (which is why I didn’t post; yes, I will make up for it). So now I’m in NYC, so this song is … Continue reading

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“He’s gone 2000 miles”

As I seem to do most years these days, around this time, I have just flown over 2000 miles. This is what happens when your parents don’t live in the same city as you. There’s a bittersweetness to this. Obviously, … Continue reading

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“This is how I see you”

It’s interesting to consider the things we do and don’t share on the internet. A while ago, I was seeing a lot of blog posts from the writing/publishing community about building your “brand” online, your “author platform” (I wrote a … Continue reading

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“Many Times, Many Ways”

Today, the webcomic XKCD posted this wonderfully appropriate diagram demonstrating that the top-rated Christmas songs are all from the childhoods of baby boomers. I think it really sums up a lot of what I’ve been talking about music-wise over the … Continue reading

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“Always time for another Christmas song”

Yesterday I wrote about what makes a good musical cover, and that it’s so important to do so when you’re talking about Christmas carols that everyone and their pubescent boy seem to cover. Today, I look instead at original Christmas … Continue reading

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“Comfort and Joy”

A good song cover goes far beyond simply being a different person performing the song. If it uses the same instrumentation, the same arrangements, the same everything — it’s missing the point. A good cover should be a reinterpretation, it … Continue reading

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“Nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah”

Today is St. Nicholas Day, a day my family has always recognized as a sort of precursor to Christmas, because my mom’s dad — who I called Opa — was born in the Netherlands. And yesterday was the 17th anniversary … Continue reading

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“We Need a Little Music”

As I was writing yesterday about the memories jogged by the music of Sleigh Ride, I realized that I think the reason that memory is jogged for me is not because of the obvious correlation between the song and riding … Continue reading

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