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“The hunter braves drew nigh”

It’s really interesting to me to look at the creation and spread of myth and story. It’s pretty much my topic of choice. And the Huron Carol, an actual Canadian carol (and an old one, too) is an intriguing case … Continue reading

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“Love’s Pure Light”

Even when I was a kid, it was never the typical poppy, fun, kidlike Christmas songs that Iliked the most. It wasn’t Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Santa Claus is Coming to Town, or — heaven … Continue reading

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“Issues” in a Fantasy Setting

Sometimes, talking about “issues” in the context of speculative fiction can be a way to make them non-issues. For instance, one could create a society in which being gay is completely accepted. Doing this allows you to, in a way, … Continue reading

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Character Development in Harry Potter

In my last post, I talked about one of the criticisms I’ve heard of the Harry Potter series — namely that its theme of good vs. evil is too simplistic. Another criticism I’ve come across is the lack of character … Continue reading

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Right and Wrongs of Worldbuilding

[Warning: This post is slightly more linguistically graphic than most of mine, as it is inspired by the mad ramblings of perpetually-NSFW-Emmy-nominated-hellsquirrel-breeder-and-penmonkey Chuck Wendig (go read his blog, I command thee).] Over at his blog, Chuck Wendig sounded off yesterday … Continue reading

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Ghettoizing fiction

or: On Judging Bookstores Last week, I wrote a post at Silverstring Media about the risk of ghettoizing stories for certain demographics, the risk of (for example) labling a story within a transmedia property as the gay story, and thus … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise: The Postcard Story

One of the classes I’m taking this fall is a fiction writing class with Steven Galloway. Normally these classes are workshops wherein the people in the class write things and then we read them and then we talk about them. … Continue reading

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The books that inspired us

I’m taking a course this year on writing for children, where we cover everything from picture books to young adult, and on the first day of class we discussed those books that inspired us or made an impression when we … Continue reading

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World Building Pt. 4 – Religion

At this point in the creation of your world, there’s a lot of different directions you can go. In fact, the whole project is a pretty open one — perhaps the map isn’t nearly as important for you as the … Continue reading

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Meaning in Magic

The UK’s Guardian ran an article recently on contemporary fantasy fiction. “Just because fantasy is everywhere doesn’t mean it has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. We must keep sight of its roots in ancient storytelling and its power … Continue reading

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