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Writing and Publishing–Jan. 29

I’m going to try to start collecting useful articles I’ve found every week or so, mostly on writing and publishing news and tips. Some of these will be from the week, some might be older articles I’m rediscovering. Some will … Continue reading

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Writing for a Market

I’m sure most writers, at one point or another, have to debate with themselves about this: should I try to write stories for which there is a good market, so I can get published? Or should I just write whatever … Continue reading

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The tangled thicket of copyright

Let me start by saying that I’m not a lawyer, and I never will be. My understanding of precise legal terminology is limited or nil. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Canadian and US copyright law. I know only … Continue reading

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World Building Pt. 4 – Religion

At this point in the creation of your world, there’s a lot of different directions you can go. In fact, the whole project is a pretty open one — perhaps the map isn’t nearly as important for you as the … Continue reading

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World Building Pt. 3 – Inhabitants

You have a landscape — now, it’s time to populate it. Like a game of Sim City, you can only zone land for so long before you have to unpause and let people start inhabiting your creation. Likely, you’ve already … Continue reading

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Genre Audience

The genre with which a piece is labeled — literary fiction, fantasy/science fiction, speculative fiction, romance, mystery — does a lot more than try to describe what kind of structure of setting the piece uses. I’ve written before about my … Continue reading

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The First Page

Once you have an idea, a plan, an outline, background information and research, a setting, and characters, you’re ready to maybe, finally, start actually writing a novel. But it’s not as easy as just jumping in and writing. Because before … Continue reading

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World Building Pt. 2 – Maps

Ok, so the map of the world isn’t really the logical next step in world creation. Before you can have an effective map, you need to know a lot about what you want the world to accomplish. But let’s face … Continue reading

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Arrr! So, pirates, eh? Aye, me hearties, I be writin’ me new novel with a pirate theme. Aye, I be serious. I’ve always ‘ad a fascination with pirates. Back in me Lego days (ah, how I miss me Lego days) … Continue reading

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