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The Author’s Job

So, I sit in my room or my coffee shop for several hours every day for a few months, and write a novel. Then I do¬† the same to edit the novel. Then I send it out to agents and … Continue reading

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Writing and Publishing–Jan. 29

I’m going to try to start collecting useful articles I’ve found every week or so, mostly on writing and publishing news and tips. Some of these will be from the week, some might be older articles I’m rediscovering. Some will … Continue reading

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Ghettoizing fiction

or: On Judging Bookstores Last week, I wrote a post at Silverstring Media about the risk of ghettoizing stories for certain demographics, the risk of (for example) labling a story within a transmedia property as the gay story, and thus … Continue reading

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The battle of the brands

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about the purported need to have a Brand for one’s blog/online presence/life if one is to Succeed. It was written mostly in agreement with YA author Maureen Johnson’s declaration of I am Not a … Continue reading

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Fine Arts degrees and Business

You may have heard of the somewhat recent controversy surrounding James Frey and his fiction sweatshop (story here). There was a bit of an outcry from certain members of the publishing industry that creative writing programs (MFAs, specifically) should have … Continue reading

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Reimagining Realms of Fantasy

(Originally posted on Silverstring Media; reposted here because it applies to writing in general and I don’t know how much crossover readership I have!) This week, I watched The Social Network, and besides loving it as a film (Aaron Sorkin … Continue reading

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The many faces of money in transmedia

Over the last little while, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in preliminary planning for a digital media/transmedia project, for a production company in Vancouver. Like many such digital media projects, this one is tied to a television series. … Continue reading

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The Vicious Circle

One of the first maxims I learned when I really committed myself to being a writer was that you can’t get published until you’ve been published. Which is to say, an editor or an agent or a publisher isn’t going … Continue reading

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The things we do – or don't – for an audience

If you’re the kind of person who likes to make money, like me, and you run a blog, like me, and you’ve considered the possibilities of doing the two at the same time — or at least having one lead … Continue reading

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The return of the serialized novel

When Charles Dickens wrote many of his novels, they were written as serials — each week or month, a chapter of his novel would appear in a magazine, such that to read the whole thing, one would have to buy … Continue reading

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