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Waves of Productivity

Yesterday, at about midnight, as I was thinking about going to bed, it suddenly occurred to me that, other than a couple of brief breaks (lunch, a run, a half-hour with my guitar) I’d been working — like, actually getting … Continue reading

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The Author’s Job

So, I sit in my room or my coffee shop for several hours every day for a few months, and write a novel. Then I do  the same to edit the novel. Then I send it out to agents and … Continue reading

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Immersive Education for a Digital Generation

I’ve read a few articles in the last couple of weeks about using transmedia in education, and about the need to change (fix) education in the broader sense. I had the thought some time ago that transmedia could be a … Continue reading

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Reimagining Realms of Fantasy

(Originally posted on Silverstring Media; reposted here because it applies to writing in general and I don’t know how much crossover readership I have!) This week, I watched The Social Network, and besides loving it as a film (Aaron Sorkin … Continue reading

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The birth of an identity

Today, I’m launching a new website. Silverstring Media (http://silverstringmedia.com) will be my home on the internet for all things related to that poorly-defined, emerging industry, transmedia. Words and Things will continue to be my place of musings and talking about … Continue reading

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The many faces of money in transmedia

Over the last little while, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in preliminary planning for a digital media/transmedia project, for a production company in Vancouver. Like many such digital media projects, this one is tied to a television series. … Continue reading

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Still defining Transmedia

Even as it becomes more and more widely disseminated, and more people both use it and think they understand what it means, and as it takes on the dubious distinction of “buzzword” status, the term TRANSMEDIA is still one whose … Continue reading

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A Year's Difference

As of yesterday, this blog is one year old. It amazes me, sometimes, just how much can happen in a year. You think about it in terms of ages, in terms of history, and a year is nothing. You look … Continue reading

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I had forgotten, in the last few years, just how ambitious I am. In high school — and even before — I was insanely ambitious. For a grade 8 drama project, friends and I decided to do a complete remake … Continue reading

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eBook Formatting Standards: What do we want from books?

In amongst all the recent conversations in the publishing industry about joining the rest of the world in the digital age — eBooks, self-publishing issues, transmedia writing — there’s another, more technical debate. This has to do with the format … Continue reading

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