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Learning the Short Story

A friend pointed me towards a very interesting (and well-written) article about the state of creative writing programs in college and university. I highly suggest you go read it, but the general idea is that time constraints and the general … Continue reading

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Fine Arts degrees and Business

You may have heard of the somewhat recent controversy surrounding James Frey and his fiction sweatshop (story here). There was a bit of an outcry from certain members of the publishing industry that creative writing programs (MFAs, specifically) should have … Continue reading

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The lure of florid prose

I will be the first to admit that I am not a beautiful writer. Let me rephrase that. I’m a writer, and I’m beautiful (modest, too), but I do not write beautifully. No one will ever say of my writing … Continue reading

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Young Adult Fiction: An overview

For my children’s writing class this year, we researched the various subgroups of children’s lit, from board book and picture books to early readers, juvenile novels, and young adult fiction. Given my preferences and work, I wrote up a summary … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise: The Postcard Story

One of the classes I’m taking this fall is a fiction writing class with Steven Galloway. Normally these classes are workshops wherein the people in the class write things and then we read them and then we talk about them. … Continue reading

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The books that inspired us

I’m taking a course this year on writing for children, where we cover everything from picture books to young adult, and on the first day of class we discussed those books that inspired us or made an impression when we … Continue reading

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Roark an Indie/Pop Promise

[Today I present an article I wrote three years ago for the Ubyssey student newspaper. I’ve linked several articles I wrote for them in my Published Works page, but for some reason this one never made it to their online … Continue reading

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Mastering the Fine Arts

As my graduate education nears its end — I’ve finished my fourth year of university, and have but three more courses to take in the fall before graduating with a BFA with Honours in Creative Writing — a lot of … Continue reading

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Fantasy Names and Self-Indulgence

Around the same time that I first created Floerian Silverstring (so about eleven years ago), I created another typically fantasy character: an elven enchanter named Uuloui. Like Floerian, Uuloui was a character I played on EverQuest, and used in a … Continue reading

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On Shameless Self-Promotion

In this the Information Age, with user-generated Web 2.0, a supposedly-dying publishing industry, and arts funding cuts left and right, becoming a successful writer seems basically impossible. Somehow, among the thousands upon thousands of people who write things — stories, … Continue reading

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