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The Time Tribe Launches Today

NEW TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURE GAME SERIES BLASTS ONTO WEB BROWSERS TODAY The Time Tribe is an Epic Journey Through Time and Space, For Kids and the Young At Heart Duxbury, MA — February 19, 2013 — Thundersnow Media Inc. announced that … Continue reading

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25 Things About Me

Awhile ago, a trend went around Facebook wherein people would 25 things — any 25 things — about themselves. It was a pretty popular trend, and it ended up being really interesting in that it shed some light on a … Continue reading

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Canada Soon

So a group of my friends (and I) are a little obsessed with a musician named Jonathan Coulton. Haven’t heard of him? Not really surprising. Let me enlighten you. Jonathan Coulton used to work as a computer programmer before he … Continue reading

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Mood Music

So speaking of a soundtrack, I like music. I actually like music a lot. I like to think I’m something of a musical person. I regularly play the guitar and the piano, and have in the past played guitar, piano, … Continue reading

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Day off

Yesterday, I had a day off. Which is not to say that I didn’t have school or work. I didn’t have school or work, but I don’t have school or work on any Mondays these days. Nor Sundays. But that … Continue reading

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