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Project Concordia: Station Structure

Outside the space station Concordia is a terraforming Mars, and a humanity expanding throughout the solar system. But what about inside the station? Is this city all one united entity, like a starship Enterprise, or a council of factions like … Continue reading

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Project Concordia: A Time and Place

Creating a fantasy setting demands certain questions: Earth or another world? high magic or low? relative technology level? A sci-fi setting has to ask similar questions. Is this a galaxy-wide space opera, or set on Earth? Is it so far … Continue reading

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Project Concordia: Space Station Concordia

The first inkling of a potential sci-fi project came to me a couple weeks before the ideas for the story started developing. A picture of a spaceship I saw got me thinking about the kind of giant ships of sci-fi … Continue reading

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The Concordia Project

About a week ago, I started brainstorming ideas for a new project — a science fiction story. It started with a desire to jumpstart my creativity again, and turned into two hours of being unable to sleep because the ideas … Continue reading

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“Issues” in a Fantasy Setting

Sometimes, talking about “issues” in the context of speculative fiction can be a way to make them non-issues. For instance, one could create a society in which being gay is completely accepted. Doing this allows you to, in a way, … Continue reading

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Rowling’s Brilliant Storytelling

As I said in my last post, in the month leading up to the release of Harry Potter and the Very Long Subtitle, I re-read the entirety of the Harry Potter series. I hadn’t read any of the books since … Continue reading

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Pottermore’s Potential

Originally posted at Silverstring Media. A friend and I were just discussing JK Rowling’s Pottermore announcement from earlier today, especially in relation to this video I was pointed towards by vlogbrothers Hank and John Green: The gist is that the … Continue reading

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Consistency In Storytelling

I’ve been following FRINGE pretty much since it first aired, and while the first half of the first season or so was a little iffy, it’s since grabbed me by the throat and pulled me into the detailed, plot-driven long-term … Continue reading

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Right and Wrongs of Worldbuilding

[Warning: This post is slightly more linguistically graphic than most of mine, as it is inspired by the mad ramblings of perpetually-NSFW-Emmy-nominated-hellsquirrel-breeder-and-penmonkey Chuck Wendig (go read his blog, I command thee).] Over at his blog, Chuck Wendig sounded off yesterday … Continue reading

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World building in The Hunger Games

On Wednesday I wrote about the Hunger Games and mostly what I didn’t like about the trilogy (despite liking the trilogy, and loving the first book especially). I focussed there mostly on Katniss and my problems with her. Today I’m … Continue reading

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