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Today’s post is based on this article entitled A YA Op-Ed Mad Lib, For Your Editorial-Writing Convenience, a jab at all those bad articles about YA. I have filled it in for my own amusement. Enjoy. Now, first of all, … Continue reading

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Living Out

Today is National Coming Out Day. I’ve written about this kind of thing a lot, so I don’t know that I have much more to say, except perhaps a few pieces of advice, after Maureen Johnson sent out a call … Continue reading

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YASaves, Parenting, and Censorship

A lot of the reaction to last week’s WSJ article about darkness in young adult fiction was, quite rightly, “Who are you to decide what’s good for a particular kid?” That just because something is dark doesn’t mean it’s not … Continue reading

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YA Saves, could have saved, and will save

On Monday I discussed the #YASaves phenomenon of last week, mostly showcasing the many things other people have said about Young Adult fiction and how it can help people — both those who struggle with darkness and those who know … Continue reading

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The YA Saves Phenomenon

If you follow book-related news, you may have heard of the Wall Street Journal article published last week about the horror that is YA books these days and how dangerous they are. If not, please read it. It’s hilarious. Because … Continue reading

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