Azrael’s Stop: writer and producer. A serial fiction and music project about a tavern where people come to die. azraelsstop.com

Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz: writer and designer. A gamelike digital project about our relationship with mass media. dustydead.com

Morning Rituals: writer, designer, producer. A short interactive fiction horror game about coffee. silverstring.itch.io/morningrituals

Glitchhikers: writer and designer. A game about the liminal experience of driving alone late at night. glitchhikers.com

Patient #: writer, designer, producer. A short dialogue-based game built in Unity for the Full Indie Game Jam 2013, about dealing with a mental patient. silverstringmedia.com/patient-number

Before the End of the World: writer and designer. A short interactive fiction game using Twine, about a last journey before the end of the world. Play It

Extrasolar: writer, with Lazy8Studios. A exoplanetary exploration game of conspiracy and intrigue. extrasolar.com

The Time Tribe: co-writer, game designer, transmedia producer, with ThunderSnow Media. A time travel adventure game for kids, based on real history and archaeology, and featuring both digital and real-world play. thetimetribe.com


Praetorian Guard

in Fireside Magazine, ed. Brian White (2017)

Read it here.

A Clockwork Heart

in Fireside Magazine, issue 25, ed. Brian White (2015)

Read it here.

Remaker, Remaker

in Fireside Magazine, issue 3, ed. Brian White (2012)

Read it here.

Subtle Poison

in Speaking Out, ed. Steve Berman (2011)

Order at amazon.com


a monologue, in the Good Ear Review (2011)

Read it here.

Life: A Play

performed in the Brave New Play Rites reading series at UBC (2009)

Flip City

in Queer Wolf, ed. James EM Rasmussen (2009)

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